Alpha House has been licensed since July 1998 by the Virginia Department of social services. As of July 1, 2019, we have served children from 44 localities within the state of Virginia and one from Philadelphia, PA. We've served 146 teen moms and 101 babies/toddlers. 50 of these children have been born while their mothers were placed at Alpha House.

48 of our teens have either been in the 12th grade or GED classes, 38 have either gotten their GED or graduated from high school. Of these graduating, 16 have gone on to vocational or community college.

Five have successfully completed Certified Nursing Assistance Training. One completed a pharmacy technicians course and another completed a medical records adult education course.

Alpha House offers a caring, supportive living environment in which teen moms and troubled teens can address their treatment issues while working to become a responsible parent and citizen.

Teens placed at Alpha I and II work with a treatment team consisting of therapists, social workers, parents, and staff.  The focus is on counseling, behavior management, living skills, and working with the teen, the family, and DSS.

We promote positive growth by engaging residents in activities through work, community, volunteering, and other cultural events.

Contact Information

Alpha I: 804.861.0596
Alpha II: 804.861.0533

Fax: 804.861.1239

Ms. J. Marshall, Director
Cell: 804.539.4612

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