January 06, 2011

"I can't believe it's been eleven years since I was in the Alpha House.  It really doesn't seem that long.  I want you to know how thankful I am for being placed into your program, I achieved so much while I was there.  You are an angel for providing such a place for pregnant teens and teens already with children. You are truly a blessing."


- Laurie


"When my social worker first told me that I would be placed in a group home for teen mothers, my expression said it all, I was scared and nervous because this was something that I did not want. I did not know much about the program or what to expect about being in a Group Home. All I knew was what my dreams and goals are. And wanting to be successful in reaching those goals for my son who is under a year old at present time while I was currently pregnant with a second child. My main focus was to finish school or receive my GED, then look into my options of attending college. Also knowing that at age seventeen and having two young children, I needed to learn the skills and challenges of being independent and being able to provide for myself and my children.

Since being at Alpha House, I have been enrolled in school, taken my GED test and am waiting on results. I work in the evenings and on weekends, along with doing my duties as a mother and resident at Alpha House as well as working on developing my skills as a mother with supervision and direction from staff.

My first nights here I cried a lot, missing my family and not knowing what to expect here, but in all honestly I knew that I was only going to get out of this program what I put into it. So that meant I had to do what was required to be successful. Being in this type of environment was a big change for me, but it was not my first concern. First, I had to worry and think of what was best for my son and my unborn child. The program is set for girls like myself, we are all here for the same reasons. It takes time to adjust and work out the little things, but in time it all falls into place. I am thankful for all the assistance I am receiving at Alpha House."

- Jennifer

"When I first came to Alpha House in April of 2004, I thought I was going to have a lot of freedom. But everything changed when I got here, even changes within myself.

Even though it was rough I obtained my GED within three months and was working part-time. I was doing visits with my daughter every other weekend, in hopes that I could get her here with me in my care. After eight stressful months of trying to get and interstate compact approved my daughter was placed with me here at Alpha House in December of 2004.

After obtaining my GED a couple months later, I went to CNA classes and graduated in January 2005 and I am currently working full time as CNA with a local nursing home program. And I am waiting to take my state board test to get my license as a certified nursing assistant.

My daughter and I do weekend visits with my family and continue working to reach all the goals I have set to be independently on our own. Being that I am of legal age and am considered an adult, I have choice that I could be released out of custody, but have chosen to continue my state at Alpha House in order to ensure that all things in my life are in order before taking on the full responsibilities of being a mother and living independently. I am grateful for the experience I am receiving while at Alpha House."

- Crystal

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