We are now fundraising to support our "job skills readiness program".

We've just started our Job Skills Readiness Program, Where the teens at the group home that can not find community based employment can get paid through grant funds to work up to 10 hrs per week for 26 weeks in what are volunteer positions.  For example we currently have a young lady volunteering at a horse stable which she loves and the group home pays her 7.50 / hr for up to 10 hrs per week to do so.  This is improving the teens self worth and self esteem, allowing her to earn some spending money, and develop job readiness skills that will hopefully make her a better candidate for  traditional community based  employment.  To do the job readiness skills building program we need donation, grants, etc to fund the opportunity for the teens.  The funds go 100% to pay the youth for working or to buy work shoes, uniforms, or tools they need to do the volunteer job they have been accepted to do.  We also need local businesses and civic organizations to give our teens an opportunity to volunteer 10 hours per week at their place business.  





Contact Information

Alpha I: 804.861.0596
Alpha II: 804.861.0533

Fax: 804.861.1239

Ms. J. Marshall, Director
Cell: 804.539.4612
Email: joyc_m@verizon.net

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